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Compendium of pedagogical innovations on interculturality

Intellectual Output 2

IO2 consists in the elaboration of a compendium of methods likely to facilitate taking into account the dimension of diversity in the methodologies of education projects.

What is the goal of the compendium?

The compendium is made of a collection of up to date/innovative methods. The strategic goal of the IO is to give value to innovative approaches/pratices, ensure that we can learn from past experiences and instead of trying to reinvent the wheel each time.

What are its components?

The product of the IO is a manual available online and (on demand) in print. The compendium includes 2 components:
A description on innovative pedagogies (narrative approach, application of arts, theatre, various forms of non-formal pedagogy [how they work, guidelines, materials needed])
Case studies.

Why a compendium?

Students and even professionals who face the challenge of launching new intercultural projects sometimes feel compelled to build their ideas from scratch, as if each time they had to reinvent the field. Whereas many interesting methodologies have been proposed, applied and tested.

The compendium of pedagogical innovations which is an intellectual output of this project has the website as its repository. This means that it is readily available to all stakeholders. As the long-term maintenance of the website has been built into its creation, the ability to sustain the resources deposited in the website will also be guaranteed. This allows lecturers and field organisations-professionals and Students access to an up-to-date selection of methodologies adapted for intercultural interventions in the social / education/training fields.
The compendium includes innovative approaches such as narrative approach, application of arts, forum theatre, and forms of non-formal pedagogy.)

What are the elements of innovation of the compendium?

This output is innovative since it provides a teaching resource that neither exist presently in the participant’s organisations nor in other organisations. It gathers good pedagogical practices for the intercultural approach. In fact, the compendium provides tested and improved practices that have proven efficient to effectively address social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity;

Finally, it’s an improved approach to ensure transfer of learning and consequently support the competitiveness of learners regarding diversity.
Please note: The primary target users of the IO are the students involved in Masters programmes focusing on education and social intervention in the three universities.
The second target groups are the members of the teaching staff involved with the students as well as professionals working in the field with education and social intervention projects.
The third target group are professional working in the field of education and social interventions in the three countries.