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Module on mainstreaming interculturality

Intellectual Output 1

Intellectual Output 1 is an innovative module for students, lecturers and field organisations-professionals. It contains a package of a comprehensive course outline based on updated research results, up to date course materials and lecturers' manual. It creates the conceptual and methodological foundation of intercultural approach to be adapted throughout the project.

Why is the module important?

The strategic goal is to offer a module easy to integrate into the ongoing studies of MA students who will be involved in developing and implementing educational projects throughout their future carrier.

What is the rationale of the module ?

There is a considerable variety in the literature, methodologies and practices on intercultural approaches. The module sets up a working concept of interculturality for the project and offers concrete guidelines for including intercultural perspectives in educational projects.

The structure of the module ensures that there is an easy to access learning form and material for all target groups.

What are its components ?

The product of the Module on mainstreaming interculturality has the following components:
- A comprehensive course outline
a syllabus of a modular course for 30 contact hours (10 topics)
- Course materials :
Detailed course materials are to support the learning and teaching process for the students
- Lecturers' manual :
It supports the dissemination and sustainability of the project over the project period, offering guidelines for instructing the course.

What are the elements of innovation in the module ?

The module provides a more attractive, and competence based course with a relevant conceptual framework and concrete, easy-to-follow guidelines concerning the intercultural approach in educational projects.
Thus it is in line with the needs of the students and with expectations for social inclusion.
The module indicates new approaches to address social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity.
Furthermore, the module is also in line with the Bologna process. It designs a transnational course content and course material for a greater understanding and responsiveness to diversity. It is a new way to reinforce the values of Europe transnationally through higher education.