UtOn_Psychosocial supporters: building an immune system from within

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Proposal description

In the time of this global crisis beside maintaining all required personal hygiene practices, the most crucial and inevitable need for us is to stay sane in these circumstances, in other words, to maintain emotional hygiene and well-being. However, over the past few months it has been obvious that due to stigma, lack of resources, lack of awareness, many of us has suffered from mental health issues including anxiety, stress, and depression.

It is time we build our immune system for a strong mental and emotional health of our student body (international and locals) by supporting each other through psychosocial support training. The psychosocial support training project works with a vision to create a support system within the MA student body at ELTE where students will be trained with basic skills to provide primary mental health support to anyone around them who is in need.

What is psychosocial support?
Psychosocial support can be adapted in particular situations to respond to the psychological and physical needs of the people concerned, by helping them to accept the situation and cope with it.
It helps individuals and communities to heal the psychological wounds and rebuild social structures after an emergency or a critical event. It can help change people into active survivors rather than passive victims.

The project aims to remove stigma through creating awareness about mental health and well-being and break the barriers of cost and inaccessibility of psychological services which hinders individual to seek or get support.
Through this project, I hope to engage the university students, to sensitize them and build their capacity in supportive psychosocial counseling so that they may cater to their peers in identifying their mental and emotional health needs and develop a toolkit to deal with such issues in this intercultural setting.

Target group:
All MA students at ELTE. Psychosocial support is not a counseling or psychotherapy rather it is a trained peer to peer help. It does not require you to be a student from counseling or psychology background.

Benefits of psychosocial support:
Early and adequate psychosocial support can:
• prevent distress and suffering developing into something more severe
• help people cope better and become reconciled to everyday life
• help beneficiaries to resume their normal lives
• meet community-identified needs

Psychosocial support training includes:
• Active listening (hearing and listening is NOT the same!)
• Nonverbal communication skills
• Verbal communications
• Nonjudgmental and empathetic approach
• Self-Management skills of the supporter
• Continuing necessary education of psychosocial support

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