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Module 2 – Design a project life cycle Copy

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This second Module, is divided in 4 steps: DESIGN, THE INTERCULTURAL MANAGER, COMMUNICATION and CONTROL PANEL & HANDBOOK. In order to initiate, plan, implement, control, monitor, and terminate project activities, a manager needs to DESIGN a life-cycle using various approaches to schedule the major phases of the Intercultural Project. Regardless of the specificities of your IDEA , the size and/or the nature of your project (Module 1), DESIGN includes micro & macro work packages, time templates and checklists, analysis and planning activities. Once these elements are finalized, users/students will be able to start working on MANAGERIAL COMPETENCES: what kind of pedagogical approach, training material, intervention technique and work guidelines is better adapted to your project? You will be invited to reflect on intercultural foundation bricks (cf. ethical and professional choices or deontology).

Finally, a specific guideline to PROJECT VISIBILITY, COMMUNICATION and stakeholder’s relationship will be given. Through different activities, you will be able to organise and systemise all these information as well as to establish roles and responsibilities allowing them to create a CONTROL PANEL that will define an IPM Process.


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