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Module 1 – Conception

114 students

Like any project, Intercultural Projects demand to establish a good project management preliminary work. We’ll analyse together the CONCEPTION notions that refer to the techniques (listing, decentering, brainstorming, etc.) useful for improving the creativity and innovation of a project idea. We’ll see that a Project IDEA is essential for the good development of the IPM Process (Module 2). In order to succeed, we’ll help you to define a specific TARGET GROUP (cf. the particular group of beneficiaries identified as the target for a particular set of actions) as well as a FRAMEWORK, that is, the major structural elements of the project.

Altogether, we’ll make an ANALYSIS to identify all the information necessary for achieving our Intercultural Project goals and objectives. This module will then structure your project idea in order to stress the basic elements and information required by a project manager to enable him to meet its objectives throughout project IMPLEMENTATION.