ELTE_20_Intercultural learning through story-telling

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Proposal description

The central theme of the project is „intercultural learning through story-telling“. Due to the fact that this project will not take place in reality, I set up a fictional class containing 15 pupils in the age of 10-11, having different cultural background. They have only started first class of middle grade and therefore they do not really know each other very well. Actually the parents neither do know each other very well. But since there already was an introductive parent-teacher conference, as it is common in austrian schools, the class-teacher could notice some tension between the parents. Which he/ she tries to explain by the prejudice they could have against each other. This alredy let me come to the role of the teacher as a moderator, which is responsible for guiding the parents through the following project, for providing any material if necessary or answering any question that might come up. The reason for the project is quite trivial and obvious: the students and parents should have the possibility to get to know each other and get aware that everyone has his/ her own story to tell. Underneath you can find a table, which contains some information about the project-group:

target group
students, their parents, class-teacher
How many?
30-35 persons
1-10 rating: interest in the projetct
Students:5 parents: 7 class-teacher: 8
1-10 rating: familiarity to the project
Students: 4 parents: 5 class-teacher: 8

The approximate duration of the project is going to be one day of school, from 07:40 – 13:00, containing two bigger breaks. Therefore, while planning the project, I will have to ask the principal for permission, as well as the other teachers, who I will need to sacrifice their lessons. What I also need to do before, is to inform the parents, as well as the students, early enough, so that they can organize everything and maybe start preparing. Expecting the class to have their own classroom, we can meet up there. The information, I mentioned above, will also contain a notice that every „parent-child-duo“ is asked to bring something (this could be anything appropriate) that is really important to them and prepare a short story about why it is so important to them. In the beginning everyone will present him- or herself shortly and maybe say one or two things about what he/ she is going to expect from the project. The next step will be the presentation of the items and the stories. Having heard the anectode of everyone, they will be asked to split up into groups of 6 (parents and pupils) and start figuring out mutualities of their stories/ to build up a story containing parts of every anectode from the people in the group – what they are going to do is free choice. In the end the groups will have to present their results to the rest – which does not have to be a classical presentation, it can be anything, for example a role play or a reading. After the presentation there is little time for discussion and feedback with the rest.
When every group has presented their group-work, there will be a round of reflection for which they should think about their expectations about the project and what really proved true. In that place they can also tell what they liked or disliked. In the end the parents will get a little sheet of evaluation, to see if the project was successful or not. Underneath you can find an extraction of the feedback-sheet.
I understand that people do have other experiences in their live and therefore they do have other priorities.
I am able to handle those different points of view.
I can reflect the situation of other persons and try to relate it to my personal attidude.

The students will also receive an exercise to reflect on the experiences made during the project. For this, they will have to write a half page reflection according to the questions:
 What did I like? What did I dislike?
 What do I know now, that I did not know before?
 Did I notice any prejudice of myself against others?
 What do I want to change about that?
This will help them to reflect on the progress they have gone through and it will also give the one who organized the project a feedback.

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