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My pedagogical project is an online forum that enhances parent-teacher-communication. It is basically like a messenger that allows parents and teachers to communicate directly with each other. Each class has its own chat room where the parents as well as the teachers have to log in. Also, this online forum must be secure in terms of viruses, etc. In my opinion this will make the parents feel more involved with their children’s school life and they will not miss out on important information because it happens every now and then that one pupil looses their info-sheet or forgets to pass it on to their parents.
In one of the sections the teachers can post messages that are important to all the parents of one class, for example: “Next week on Thursday there is no sixth period as the maths teacher is sick.” Or “Parent-teacher conference is on 24th November at 7 p.m. in the school hall.” Other examples would be posting the information about school trips or outbreaks of illnesses. However, it would be best that only the teacher can post entries in this section in order to not overwhelm some of the parents with numerous responses from other parents. To sum it up, in this section of the forum the teachers, especially the class teacher, can share relevant news and announcements with the parents of one class.
In another section the parents and the teacher have the possibility to communicate directly with each other. It is basically like a chat, but it is solely between the teacher and the parent and no one else can see it. In this area appointments can be fixed or if the parents have any questions about aspects regarding their kid, they can ask the teachers.
In the third section there would be a calendar, where the teachers can highlight important dates and add notes of what is going to happen on these days. That can be for example trips and excursions, tests or free school days that are administered autonomously by each school.
A benefit of this version of communication is that it is not based on a phone number as some teachers are reluctant to give out their phone number as they are not comfortable sharing this personal information with all the parents of their pupils. In addition, the users of the online forum , can log in maybe once or twice a day to check out what is going on instead of receiving a direct message and notification on their phone as this could add stress to the parents’ as well as the teachers’ lives. Of course, the forum is not going to replace direct parent-teacher-interaction, but it will help the parents gaining more understanding about their children’s school life and it will support the parent-teacher relationship. Parents will not miss out on important info and have the possibility to communicate with the teachers of their offspring. Therefore, they will feel more included but they do not have the pressure of involving themselves more than they want to.

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Asked on 19/02/2020 11 h 33 min