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ME– YOU – WE as a class project
I think the first few weeks of school are the most important for building relationships and friendships. I want to plan a project under the name ME – YOU – WE.
The project should be a kind of method training around partner, group and individual work. The aim is, that the kids and the class community are strengthened.
First of all, I have to ask the headmaster if this project is accepted. Moreover, I have to write a letter of acceptance to the parents.
I planned a 3-day project and detailed information and teaching ideas will follow.
ME – YOU – WE build social skills and serve to prevent aggressive behavior. The relationship between class leader and class is strengthened and the class climate is positively influenced.
The aim of my project is that children:
• get orientation and security
• activating the children’s existing social skills
• try out and practice new social behaviors
• intensify the relationship between class leader and class
• promote the implementation security of the class leader
• enable the class leaders to be a model for social behavior

First Day: ME
▪ Workplace organization
▪ Why learning alone as an individual
▪ What is my strength? What makes me unique? What am I good at?
1. Workplace organization
Kids should understand that a clean and organized workplace is really nice and takes them further.
Before the kids come into the classroom, I prepare a desk with lots of materials. Now we stand around the table and one child is allowed to sit down. I ask the child to write a word into the schoolbook, stick on a snippet or something else. Hopefully the boy/girl searches until she finds the pen and the schoolbook at the desk.
Now I ask the kids to sit down and they get a task. I write some sentences on the blackboard and the kids have to write it down and underline the sentences with colors. Every desk looks like mess and the pupils firstly have to find pen, textbook and colors. I start very quickly, and the kids get a time frame, but after a short while I start asking the students to hurry up. When a few are already finished, some are still looking for their pen and some colors. I think, that the students will feel pressure, and some will be stressed although it is an easy task.
In the next step, we clean up the chaos and at the desk, there should only be the pencil case.
▪ Pupils prepare their material before class.
▪ After class the kids should clear up everything

2. What is my strength? What makes me unique? What am I good at?
The children should develop a sense of self-worth, find out strengths, everybody is unique, everybody is different, diversity and heterogeneity
It is not easy to say something positive about yourself. I want the children to be proud of theirselves. Everybody has strengths and also weaknesses.
At the beginning we start with an exercise to strengthen self-confidence. The kids create an I-Collage with the following four points:
1. what am I good at?
2. what am I not good at?
3. what do I especially like to do?
4. what would I like to improve?
▪ concentrate on yourself, knowledge about yourself
▪ build (self) awareness
▪ describe the class as a community of individuals who are all unique
3. Individual work
Individual work is important to work concentrated. Students work without distraction and don’t have to be considerate of the others.
Individual work is an effective form of work. Everyone can work at their own level and on their own place.
The individual work results provide information about the performance level of each individual learner.
What is more, everyone has to be active and cannot hide behind a partner.

Second Day: WE as a PAIR
What is partner work?
Partner work is a learning method in which two learners learn together on a classroom task. The main focus is on social learning and promoting the development of solutions.
Partner work is an important preparation on the way to teamwork.
The partner work integrates all students. While it is possible in individual work that students deal with other things, there is the moment of social control.
Methods for partner work
I want the children to think about new methods for partner work. The kids can search for a partner and work together in pairs of two. I want to show the kids that partner work promotes and strengthens friendships in the class. Important is also creativity and imagination.
For me it is very important that the kids get to know the methods “Partnerinterview”, “Lerntempoduett” and “Think-Pair-Share”.
Third Day: WE as a CLASS
What should the kids know after this day?
▪ Action and decision
▪ communication, cooperation
▪ Problem solving, critical thinking and steadfastness
▪ Conflict Management
▪ everybody is unique but we have a lot in common
▪ diversity is important and good
▪ everybody has to be accepted
▪ class rules

A good class community with peaceful, respectful dealings is not a matter of course. The climate in the school class has a significant impact on how comfortable students and teachers feel.
A good class atmosphere can be seen above all in the way the pupils interact with one another: conflicts are resolved peacefully with one another, the volume during the lesson is not too high, and the pupils like to go to school etc. There is a certain sense of community in almost every class.
However, class community should not be equated with friendship – every student has classmates whom he likes particularly well and others whom he likes less. Therefore, the teacher and child should always decide together who sits next to whom. Often the teacher also uses a change in the seating arrangement to restructure the class. This also has the advantage that the children get to know other classmates better. Out-of-school activities often support better getting to know each other and keeping the class together.
On the third day, firstly I want to make a new seat plan. The pupils are allowed to choose their seat neighbor.
A good sense of togetherness strengthens the class community. Living and working together can only work if, in addition to respecting the personality of each individual child, consideration is also given to the needs of the group.
Secondly, I want to make new class rules together with the kids. The students work alone, in teams or in groups of four. They have to write down which positive behaviors are necessary for a good class community. The results of each group are discussed together and noted on the board. Approximately 15 points of this are selected as class rules and are clearly displayed in the class.
These three sentences should facilitate the work for the kids.
1. What can I do to ensure a friendly atmosphere in our class?
2. What can I do to ensure order in our class?
3. What can I do to make everyone feel comfortable in our class?

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