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Proposal description

The following project is about the general idea of giving feedback in class especially feedback com-ing from students and heading to the teachers. Because of the recent launch of the teacher-rating-app “Lern-Sieg”, which was developed from a student, the idea of students evaluating their edu-cators was brought up for the first time and was debated in the society. The concept behind this app, is the evaluation of teachers through a rating system based on assigning stars, depending on how well the lessons where. Apart from the abuse of personal data, data protection and appar-ently mobbing, the kind of assessment which was used, doesn’t really help to improve the overall situation and the student weren’t given the right tools to correctly evaluate their educators. But the success of the application clearly, that the students have a need to open them and give their personal thoughts about their teachers.
My pedagogical project should discover the problems of giving proper feedback and try to improve their overall competence to give a meaningful comment to the teacher’s lesson by giving them templates and use a “suitable” feedback-app which provides these kind of tools.
 The target group of the project could be any school class or any type of class where an educator is involved. For example the mathematics lessons in a 6th class of an Austrian high school (15-16 years old) could be used for this project. Additionally the project manager is involved in organizing the whole project (setting up the learning-app, creating and evalu-ating the questionnaires, and overall managing duty). In this project, the project manager is the teacher, who himself is going to be evaluated from the students. An estimated budget is not available because I don’t have the insight of how much the working hours for the teacher and the probable license of the “learning-app” costs but besides these two factors, now additional costs are existing. When the project is happening throughout the
normal classes, no additional costs besides some preparation time for the project manager at home, is needed. The duration of this project is variable. You can plan for a couple of weeks/months or up to a whole semester to a year. But it shouldn’t exceed a school year because of the long holidays and probable disposals from students.
 In order to know how well the current feedback quality of the students is pronounced, the project starts with an information gathering phase. The students should give for some days or weeks feedback to their classes after each lessons. Important is, that there are free in how they express their evaluation. These results were saved by the project manager and were reused after the main phase. Furthermore, a questionnaire for both, pupils and teacher, should be filled up to investigate how they felt about the current situation, the way of giving feedback … .
 In the main phase the students were introduced to the “feedback-app” which should be utilized for a significant amount of time in order to acclimate them to the patterns.
 After a specific time, in the evaluation phase, the students were again asked to give feed-back without instruction and the result were than compared with the previous ones. Ad-ditionally all the students and the project manager should again fill up the questionnaire from the beginning and the results were also be compared with the first ones.
In order to strengthen the “feedback culture” in school classes this project could help the stu-dents individually to show them how they can express their needs, their feelings and their opinion. In a society where innovative and creative people were searched the most, the ability of being able to give constructive criticism is a key value to reach this goal. In my point of view, a society who could not verbalize their opinion is a society is doomed to fail. The beliefs are the most important treasure, a person could have.

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