ELTE_12_The Diversity Buddy Project

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Proposal description

The goal of this project is to maximise teamwork and teambuilding in students from different social and ethical backgrounds as well as students with a disability. By encouraging working together the students are brought closer to a way of thinking that involves compassion, helpfulness and friendliness. They are encouraged to form friendships and exchange valuable cultural and social aspects which they would otherwise maybe not be exposed to.
The Diversity Buddy Project is a project any student of the school can attend. Through various teamwork-based tasks and activities the students are challenged in their way of accomplishing tasks in a cooperative way.
The sessions would take place once a week and will usually be the length of a normal school lesson, however, there will be special project days or excursions which will take longer.

Some example activities include but are not limited to a pub quiz, building activities or roleplays.
• Pub quizzes are welcome in any form or variety. Usually it is best to tailor the topic according to the student’s interests.
• For building activities, the students have to build a tower out of marshmallows and dry pasta. Whichever team builds the most interesting tower, gets a small prize.
• For roleplays there are lots of options. Some of the best are team building games where students have to work on a particular problem and come up with ideas to solve them, or they have to brainstorm and rank certain items. For example, the students have to imagine that they are stranded on a lonely island and they have to come up with items or actions which are crucial for survival and they have to rank and prioritize these accordingly.
• There are a multitude of other activities which fit this project, the most important thing for the execution of this project is however, that these activities are tailored towards team building.
Needed Resources:
Funding for the teachers or supervisors as well as the room and location. The students also have to be allocated time by the school. Maybe this could be realized in the form of a “Wahlfach” so that students do not have to invest their free time which usually demotivates students and keep them from participating in the project.
Additional required resources depend on the types of activities the supervisor chooses. Since the project will include different students and interests each year,
there can be no universal answer to the question of required material. The activities depend on the students needs and interests and therefore require different resources every time.

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