ELTE_07_Drama pedagogy.

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My pedagogical project refers to the drama pedagogy. Because my subjects are German, Latin and ancient Greek, literature and drama are a huge part of my classes. So, in the project I would offer a literature class as a course for pupils who are interested in theater in general. My target group is between fourteen and eighteen years old but there is no need for them to be in any of my regular classes.
As the subjects Latin and ancient Greek are not in every school compulsory, my target group does not need any specific translating skills, but it would be great if a part of the group can translate parts of the play by themselves. There are different task groups and the students should develop their play whereas my part would be to support and encourage them. Starting with a brainstorming session the pupils need to decide which play they want to stage. For that they should in the first step decide whether it should be a tragedy or a comedy. I could make suggestions if the pupils have no ideas at all, but I would prefer for them to first do a bit of research. When they have decided on what play to stage, they will form the task groups which I mentioned earlier.
The first group will be responsible for translating parts of the play, whereas I will provide the rest of the translation. Another group is going to adapt the play. Others should calculate and find sponsors, although there is not that much money necessary. There are also actresses and actors needed. Maybe some students could bring food and drinks for the audience during the break. One group can also dance parts of the play or perform a dance somehow connected to it. The whole process would take about two months until the play can be performed but, in my opinion, also there the pupils should decide.
My role as a teacher would be to be a supervisor and trainer but it is the responsibility of the students to bring the play on stage. I will support and encourage them and give advices. After the performance there will be a few lessons in the literature class in which feedback is the central topic. Students can reflect on what was good and what could be improved. They should think about their own development and the benefits. These benefits could for instance be developing social or organizational skills or a higher self-confidence. In order to make this project sustainable these reflection classes are a good idea and it is important to take the time as a teacher to give this possibility of reflection.
So, I talked a lot about the strengths and opportunities of the concept but of course there are also threats and weaknesses, one of which is that without enough support and supervision some students might be overwhelmed. Everything also must be documented and written down at one place which would be my role to gather and organize the decisions of the pupils. It is also very
important to communicate the meaning and the benefits of a theater performance. After the feedback classes there will also be anonymous feedback sheets which the students should fill in for me to learn something for future projects.

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